The PRO2 Logo

   The engrained traditions and features of these organizations are depicted from the views and traces of time, with an inspiring drive and motivation, reflected from the seal of PRO2, that stimulates from the feats of the precedents to the deeds of thier actuation, which shall serve as a milestone to be remembered in purpose and as to gain insights to be used as a stepping stone for a breakthrough for the future. 

   The emblem views the frails of the perpetual inspirations and motivation, where upon at this day and age reflect the pages of thier ancestrors; brothers in faith and credo that dominates the dogmatic in keeping and guarding our independence, democracy, freedom and socio-economic development, possessing and engraving in their hearts, the emblem of a protector, surging in their veins, the blood of Nationalism, the soul embracing the sacridity of their duties and functions. The body as an ideological sacrifice for peace and tranquility, leaving a historical standard that gives life to the traditions of the force, endowing a seal that shall give providence of devotions and sincerity of service to the citizenry, to be inscribed in the very souls  of these new breed of peacekeepers an law enforcers,  enabling them to confront the legions of challenges in the line of police service. An emblem that shall fuel their principles lay into deeds, rendering them the flame to arise… valor in their wills …courage in their perseverance, … wisdom in their perception, … fortitude in their belief, as their mind and soul beget their vows and oath of allegiance for devotement in conquering the pressure, tension, breath-taking toils and the tormenting endeavors of these new breed prototype of the police force. 

    The PRO2 logo, signifies and depicts the form of a “Kalasag”, the shield that defends and safeguards the elements of the region. The shield… a relic of early history, as the first and foremost battle against foreign invaders, that tend to instable the essence of liberty and freedom of the land. The shield that was used in Mactan amidst the great cry for valor and devotion to the fatherland, Lapulapu and his kindred troupes, committed by heart in defending and protecting the territory against invasive hostilities and not only vanguarding the country in the tribulation of annihilative wars but the shield also represents the provision of schemes and precautionary magnitudes against traditional foes thus; poverty, calamities and injustices.

    The Pentagon – symbolizes the great provinces of the region – The Land-lock province of Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino the most southern boundary, Isabela- the province inclined in honor of Queen Isabela II of Spain, Cagayan- the dipper shape province of the valley region and Batanes- the smallest province of the region. The pentagon denotes the territorial line of the region; from the far north shores of Batanes to the south boundaries of Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino. It relates the course and phase of the force in the preservation of Mother Nature’s wealth, where primary products of the region were depicted in the pentagon, such as the million cubic meters of old age standing timbers that crowns the great and vast valley of woodland. The Sierra Madre mountains which forms the eastern edge of the Northern and Central Luzon, the longest mountain system of the country, where timber is in great existence, giving the region its geographical settings and rich definition of forestry treasures. The abundance of golden grains of corn, and, rice in the delta region, wherein considerable title as the rice granary of the North and the rich and multifarious yielding of aromatic and pungent tobacco leaves that dopples the meadow of the region’s domain, even the wide pasture of the province of Batanes which make cattle raising a promising industry, these are the sources that provide life and security which the populace reaps and holds the sufficiency of the territory’s livelihood. The scenic views such as the Magapit Bridge of Lal-lo, Cagayan, where it serves as a gateway of continual trail from the Cagayan Valley to the Ilocos Region, the Cagayan River, as one of the major Landmark of the country, as the primary river basin in the country marks historical episode of nautical prehistoric events in the shaping of the region’s traditions and cultures during the Dominican and Spanish era which appears at the above center in the pentagon. The rootstocks of the coastal wealth that extends from the eastbays of the Philippine sea, through the open coastline of the Babuyan Channels to the north coastal boundaries of Batanes where inshore coral fishing to offshore deep sea fishing which pays the biggest haul of fishery products, all of these exquisite panoramas that procreates and render a great share in the nation’s Tourism Industry that propagates this region – a Region of Abundance.

      The Green Laurels represent Honor, nobility and the privilege of being a parcel that solidifies teamwork, solidarity and unity of the organization. It represents the unification of the elements of the Institution, being a segment of the traditions and ideals of the police force.

       The Tribal Weapons – the Spear and the Bolo; represents the functions, purpose and efforts within the lines of police works. These armaments that symbolizes the ideals of courage, gallantry and patriotism, these are the relics of traditions, from their ancestor’s extraneous beliefs and dogmatic in serving and defending the countrymen, heritage and integrity of the land against the adversaries.

       The Colors that Shade the quadrants – Blue, depicts the present shade of the organization’s uniform; adopted from the Spanish era to the Dominican Missionaries, carrying its majestic emblem of Spanish decrees of Royalty, in reflection; carrying the life and vigor in implementing the dynamos of law enforcement; carrying out the mission and vision in serving the community. The Khaki represents the PNP’s inception; from the erstwhile Philippine Constabulary, the country’s first National Police Force, generated into the present day Philippine National Police, reminiscing the legacy and explicit cultures of the force from the era of August 8, 1901, when they initially absorbed to bear the Khaki uniform as an emblem of their identity in Law Enforcement.

      The Horizontal Line and the Vertical Line – that forms the silver crossing behind the pentagon- The Vertical Silver Lining  represents the law enforcer’s relationship to his God; the source where reverent laws are inspired by God to the conscience to yield divine obedience needed to withstand the ordeals, troubles and anguish in the line of the organization’s prospect and obligation. It is a symbol of entreating the Supreme Creator for assistance while applying it’s oath and optimal desire and dedication to serve his fellowmen, therefore by belief, he is designed to be a good subordinate and a reflection of higher echelon of a godly authority.

    The Horizontal Silver Lining – represents relationship to his fellowmen taking in view a police citizen alliance as a primal structural operation in the maintenance of character building and value formation to acquire a peaceful and orderly neighborhood, as well as cooperation, commitment and alliance by the people and to the people.

     The Streamer with Inscriptions: Service, Honor and Justice – It represents the inflexion of the region’s superlative standards in service to: God, Citizenry and Country, carrying out the banner of its royalty in dedication of duty, affirmed by the inscripted words: the very reverence of the organization’s breath of life.

These figures and symbols that encase the PRO2 Logo are the patriarchal contribution from the men of deeds, behind the PNP Organization. A patrimony manufactured from the process of self-realization of their values and virtues, their mission and goals, making the symbol serve its substance and form in the sustenance of the bounded duties and inescapable obligations and commitment  as the logo exclaims and stand.