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PRO2, CIDG2 and 5th ID, PA capture 3 CTG High Ranking Officials

   CAMP MARCELO A ADDURU, TUGUEGARAO CITY-Joint elements of Police Regional Office 2, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group 2, 5th ID, Philippine Army and Regional Intelligence Unit 2 in its campaign to End Local Communist Armed Conflicts in Region 2 arrested Three (3) High Ranking Officials and one (1) member of the Communist Terrorist Group in Region 2 in separate Law Enforcement Operations yesterday, October 8, 2019 in Gattaran and Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

   PRO2 Officer-in-Charge PBGEN JOHN CORNELIUS A JAMBORA in his report to PNP Chief, PGEN OSCAR DAVID ALBAYALDE identified the arrested leaders as Violeta Ricardo aka “ISSA/MARISSA”, Deputy Secretary, Northern Front Committee & Head Regional Finance of Komiteng Rehiyon-Cagayan Valley (KR-CV), Cristina Miguel Garcia aka “Senyang”, Staff Member EXECOM, Northern Front, KR-CV and a member of Squad Dos, Platoon Bravo (Main Group), Northern Front (Operates in East and West Cagayan), Delilah PADILLA aka DOMAY/SAGANAY/TINAY/DUMANAY- Education, Squad Dos, Platoon Bravo (Main Group), Northern Front (Wife of Renato BUSANIA@RIC/EFREN/ENER/EVEN/ANDONG, Staff Member Training ROC, MS, KR-CV), listed as Most wanted Person Affiliated with CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and Carol Garcia Ballesta, 40 years old, native of Tondo Manila, married and a CNT contact in Barangay Leonarda, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

   At about 7:00 PM of same date in Brgys Barbarit and Naddungan of Gattaran, Cagayan, joint personnel of PRO2, 5thID, PA, CIDG RFU2 and RIU2 conducted law enforcement operation that resulted in the arrest of suspects Violeta Ricardo and Cristina Miguel Garcia by virtue of Warrants of Arrest. Violeta Ricardo was arrested for the crime of Murder, Frustrated Murder, Violation of RA No. 6539 (Anti-Carnapping Act of 1972), Robbery with Arson and Rebellion. On the other hand, Cristina Miguel Garcia was arrested for the crime of Murder, Frustrated Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention and Qualified Assault upon an Agent of a person in Authority with Murder defined and penalized under Article 152 and 248 of the Revised Penal Code as amended by RA 7659. Violeta Ricardo has a monetary reward of 2.4 Million Pesos.

   Meanwhile, at about 8:15 PM of same date in Brgy. Leonarda, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Same Operating Unit conducted Joint Law Enforcement Operation that resulted in the arrest of Delilah Padilla aka DOMAY/SAGANAY/TINAY/DUMANAY by virtue of Warrant of Arrest for the crime of Direct Assault with Murder, Robbery in Band; and Frustrated Homicide. While, Carol Garcia Ballesta was also arrested for Violation of Sec.1 Para C of PD 1829 Penalizing Obstruction of Apprehension and Prosecution of Criminals for harbouring in her residence to prevent her arrest. Padilla has a monetary reward of Php 700,000.00 listed as Most Wanted Person by DND-DILG joint orders.

   All suspects were brought to CIDG-RFU2 office for documentation and proper disposition.

   PBGEN JAMBORA said that the arrest of the 3 NPA leaders is a strong manifestation that the PNP and AFP is serious in its campaign to end armed conflicts in the country. 

   PBGEN JAMBORA commended the operating personnel for the successful conduct of law enforcement operations that led to the arrest of the 3 high ranking officials of NPA.