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Security guard facing raps for Robbery Extortion, possession of dangerous drugs, loose firearm

 CAMP MARCELO A ADDURU, TUGUEGARAO CITY – A security guard was arrested in an entrapment operation after posing as a police officer and extorting from an internet shop owner in Tumauini, Isabela morning of April 28, 2021.

 Joemar Calara, 31 years old, married, security guard, a native of San Pablo Isabela and presently residing at Purok 3, Brgy. Cumabao, Tumauini, Isabela was caught in the act of accepting pre-marked money from the complainant by personnel of Tumauini Police Station and Provincial Intelligence Unit, Isabela PPO on said time and date.

 Among those recovered from the suspect direct possession were the following: a.) pre-marked money consisting of one (1) piece genuine 500.00 peso bill; b.) four (4) pieces 1,000.00 boodle money; c.) one (1) piece 500.00 boodle money; d.) one (1) homemade pistolized shotgun; e.) one (1) hand grenade; f.) three (3) gauge 12 ammo for shotgun; g.) one (1) piece zip lock transparent plastic sachet containing suspected dried Marijuana leaves; h.) one (1) piece lighter; i.) one (1) stick red Marlboro cigarette; and j.) cash amounting to Php312.00 in different denominations, all placed in a green belt bag.

 The operation stemmed from the report of the complainant that the suspect who introduced himself as Jay Tamang, a police officer assigned at the Regional Intelligence Unit of PRO2 was demanding Php5,000.00 in exchange of the continuous operation of his internet shop.

 The inventory and marking of evidence was done at the place of transaction and was witnessed by Barangay Kagawad Florante Lumaban, Media Representative Ryan Christopher Flores and DOJ representative Olympia Salvador in the presence of the arrested suspect. 

 The suspect and the confiscated items were brought to Tumauini Police Station for proper disposition.

 Calara is facing charges of Robbery Extortion and Violation of Section 11 of RA 9165, RA 10591 and RA 9516.